Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tax Breaks for Donating to Religious Schools

An interesting article on a Supreme Court ruling that upholds tax breaks for donations to religious schools. Could have some far reaching affects on state decisions regarding those schools.


JS said...

Wrong-headed ruling in my opinion. Religious institutions and those who send to them should think carefully about the benefits they receive from the establishment clause before thinking only of the benefit they would receive from some extra cash.

Miami Al said...


I disagree 100%.

If the organization discriminated against/for religion, fine, but this allowed the organization to write whatever rules it wanted.

At the time the first amendment was ratified, Massachusetts still had an established Church. Even with incorporation to the states via 14th Amendment, the expansion the establishment clause towards ANY religious involvement seems to be policy, not legal.

But this is EXTREMELY interesting for those of us that live in Christian states as opposed to Atheist ones... this might let you backdoor vouchers more creatively.