Wednesday, April 6, 2011

On Those Free Matzahs

A number of markets are offering free or almost free five-pound packages of matzahs as part of their advertising this week and next. For most of the markets there is a requirement to buy a minimum of $15 worth of other groceries to get the matzah free or at the reduced price. I had to be out shopping on Sunday and divided my shopping into two parts so that I could get the matzahs at both markets. Thursday I'll pick up the matzahs from the other three major markets in our area.

No, I don't need 25-pounds of matzah for Pesach. We happen to eat shmura for Pesach so I'll get no personal use out of those matzahs. However, there are organizations in our neighborhood that distribute food for the needy for yom tov, and those organizations already have been and will be again the recipients of those matzahs.

So please, if you've been bypassing those matzah offers because 1) you already have all the matzah you'll be using for Pesach or 2) they aren't the type of matzah you use for Pesach, get those matzahs anyway and donate them. A number of organizations could use them. [Just as an example, our local Bikur Cholim stocks a completely kosher kitchen at one of the SI hospitals, and they need matzah--what, you think that no one needs to use the hospital over Pesach?] The saying goes "Let all who are hungry come and eat"--even if they aren't necessarily coming to you, you can still help to feed them.

Don't bypass those free matzah offers--send that lechem oni to where it can do some good.


Aryeh said...

The early morning minyanim in our shul had an informal collection of those extra matza packs last week. So far 117 of the packs have been collected and given to organizations that need the matzohs.

Abba's Rantings said...

great idea!

(alternatively, my kids can feed a lot of pidgeons at the park with 5 lbs of matzah)