Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pesach Countdown--12 Days to Go

Suggestion for the Day: Shopping, Cooking and Preparing are lots easier if you know what it is you will be serving and when. If you already haven't done so, today is a good day to get out a calendar and plan the menus for Pesach meal by meal. Don't forget that there are days where breakfast, lunch and dinner are involved--plan accordingly.

I put these lists on the computer so that when the time comes to be cooking I know what I have to cook and when.

Note #1: knowing what you will be serving makes shopping more organized as well. No guessing if you have to buy product X or product Y: if those products appear on the menus, put them on your shopping list and buy them; if they don't appear on the menus, don't buy them.

Note #2: If you're not sure what you will be serving or are looking for something new to serve, today is a good day to research some new recipes. Yes, there are cookbooks out there specifically for Pesach, but there are also hundreds of Pesach recipes available online for just a little finger walking (or mouse gliding if you prefer). Download those recipes and print out a copy to have handy in the kitchen.


Rae said...

It's the old chicken and the egg story. Do you shop and then figure out the menu based on what you've bought or do you figure out the menu and then shop. Neither way is perfect. You could plan the menu and not be able to find everything you need so you have to adjust the menu. Or you could shop and find that you didn't buy enough of some things or bought some things that aren't going to fit in with what you're cooking. You need to be flexible between what you can find and what you want to cook.

Anonymous said...

I know I should start and plan the menus for Pesach but I seem to have no ideas.