Monday, April 4, 2011

Pesach Countdown--14 Days to Go

Suggestion for the Day: Yes, a lot of shopping being done and that will be done. But shopping for what? If you haven't already done so this is a good day to begin a file on your computer marked Shopping Lists. You don't have to follow my way but what I do is make two lists: one for non-perishables and one for perishables.

The non-perishable list is divided into categories, such as baking items, plastic and foil and paper goods, spices etc. The perishable list is divided into fruits and vegetables, dairy products, meats and fish. I print out the lists and take them with me every time I go shopping, specifically for Pesach or not--never know when you're going to hit an unexpected good sale. After items are purchased I enter the number and place I've stored them next to the item--no more guessing how many of something has been purchased or where it's hidden.

Note #1: after Pesach I enter a note next to any item on the list in the computer that there was too much of or not enough of with the amount that I should have purchased--makes it easier for next Pesach not to make an error.

Note #2: If items are left over from Pesach this year but can be stored successfully with the Passover items going to be packed away, I note that on the computer list as well. Check the expiration dates on the packages.

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Sarah said...

I do my shopping lists in alphabetical order. Makes it easier for me to find the items then to try and remember whether matza meal is under baking or under a cooking category. But I agree that a computer list makes it lots easier to go shopping with.

I also put a note on the list for the next year if a particular brand worked out for me or if I don't want to buy that brand or product the next year. Saves a lot of guessing.