Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pesach Countdown--5 Days to Go

Suggestion for the Day #1: If you're turning your kitchen Pesachdik before Shabbos HaGadol, today/tonight is a good time to do it. To take the pressure off of you, use disposable plates for any food that family has to eat. In fact, treat yourself to something you don't have to cook tonight, either brought in or eaten out. Suggestion for the Day #2: Designate one area as a "chometz may be eaten here" area and patiently inform everyone in the house of this fact. This will be the last area to be cleaned of chometz before Pesach so make it someplace that will be relatively easy to vacuum/mop up. I know someone with a fairly large entrance way to her apartment that sets up a folding table in that entrance and that is her chometz zone. All meals and snacks until she turns the entire house Pesachdik are eaten in that area, including meals for Shabbos. A porch or den would also work. Suggestion for the Day #3: For those of you who have already turned your kitchens this is a good time to prepare items that can be frozen over yom tov and taken out as needed. Takes the pressure off of you come Sunday and Monday.

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Anonymous said...

Just curious here. Are you following your suggestions or are those just suggestions for your readers? Seems awfully early to me to be in a Pesach kitchen and not able to really cook anything much but potatoes as a side dish.