Friday, April 8, 2011

Pesach Countdown--10 Days to Go

Suggestion for the Day #1: Just in case you hadn't "noticed," it's Shabbos tonight. Do yourself a favor and forget that Pesach will be here soon. A bit of a time-out is needed and Shabbos is just perfect for that. Use a different P word and make yourself a Promise that conversation will not center around everything that has to be done yet for that other P word. Suggestion for the Day #2: Keep the dishes you are cooking for Shabbos in the non-spatter, non-crumb category--ovens are tough enough to get ready for Pesach without adding a new layer to be scrubbed off.


tesyaa said...

My ovens are already so dirty that one more layer of dirt won't make a difference. Luckily they're both self-cleaning :)

ProfK said...

Also thankful here for those self cleaning ovens. Just keep in mind that not all parts of that self cleaning oven actually self clean. Parts of the inside door, such as the glass window, do not get self cleaned and need to be done by hand.

Miami Al said...

Really, check your settings on self clean mode. Mine comes out with NOTHING in it. We remove all the big chunks, generally windex the windows first (so you don't have disintegrated grime there), then run self clean, and away you go.

It really takes us about 8 hours to turn the house over. It's a painful night, and we're zombies the next day, but it's really not that hard.

But we have tile floors and granite counter tops. That reminds me, need to call the cleaning service to get a real deep clean, all the cushions, etc.

tesyaa said...

From what I understand, even if the oven door looks dirty after self-cleaning, the extreme heat renders it kashered. One might prefer to clean it carefully in such a way that the staining comes off - but halachically it's not necessary.

I was told that the only parts of the self-cleaning oven that need to be hand cleaned are those that don't come in contact with the heat when the door is closed - the frame around the oven opening, for example, on my oven. Ovens are all different.

As I said, my ovens are very dirty ... a few months ago I thought about self-cleaning them, but my lazy side reminded me that I'd have to do it again for Pesach anyway.

tesyaa said...

Sorry, in my first sentence above I meant to refer to the window, not the door.

Miami Al said...


Yeah, there is no Halachic problem with not cleaning the window, but it's gross, and ProfK likes her kitchen to sparkle.

We've replaced thermostats on both ovens over the past two years. We've been told by the appliance company that we should run the self clean more often, running it once/year is a good way to have problems. In fact, they've specifically told us not to run it before a holiday when you'll need the oven... we found that funny.

Again, 10 seconds with Windex and a paper towel, and pretty window when it's done hours later. :)

Shabbat Shalom

G6 said...

Nothing personal, and I do think you have a good idea here, but it would sure be A LOT easier to "forget" Pesach is coming for a while, if your posts wouldn't keep reminding me day after day ;)