Saturday, April 16, 2011

Pesach Countdown--2 Days to Go

Suggestion for the Day #1: If potatoes play a big part in your Pesach eating, make tonight the night to get your helpers to do the peeling. For this to work you will need a few plastic buckets or extra large containers. The buckets/containers should be large enough to hold the amount of potatoes you will need for now until the end of the first days of yom tov with sufficient water in the containers to cover the potatoes. No, the potatoes will not start fermenting or "melting" if held in water for a few days. The advantage is that you can grab those potatoes and cook however you wish, whenever you wish, without spending the extra time in peeling and cleaning up the mess. And yes, husbands and kids make terrific potato peelers--lots of dad/kid conversations possible while they are all seated and working.

Suggestion for the Day #2: While your helpers are peeling potatoes, if you make your own lokshen for yom tov, make this tonight's job. Again, make all the lokshen you are going to need and freeze what isn't needed for the first days. Wrap the lokshen, uncut, extra well in plastic wrap. Defrost in the fridge on the day that you will need to use them.

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