Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pesach Countdown--8 Days to Go

Suggestion of the Day#1: Don't leave haircuts to be taken in the few days before Pesach when you just may be busy with other things. Today is a good day to have someone take the kids for haircuts if they can't take themselves. If your hubby is going to get his haircut today, delegate getting the kids' haircuts to him. While it is quiet in the house, give yourself 15 minutes of "be good to mom" time and do whatever you want to, or do nothing at all. A leisurely soak in a warm tub, with no one banging on the door asking "Are you ever coming out of there?!" goes a long way towards restoring your equilibrium.

Suggestion of the Day #2: If you have not already done so, make your refrigerator Pesachdik today. After you've cleaned it, line with something disposable such as plastic wrap or foil or paper towels. As soon as you are ready to turn the kitchen just remove the temporary lining. This way you have a place all ready for items you are cooking or for perishables. You may want to put a sign on the door of the fridge stating "Cleaned for Pesach--handle contents with care."

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