Saturday, April 9, 2011

Pesach Countdown--9 Days to Go

Suggestion for the Day #1: Need a break? Can't bear the thought of doing one more thing about making Pesach? Fine, tonight is your night. Treat yourself to a stress-free, Pesach-free evening. The world is not going to fall apart if you take some time off. In fact, you'll probably do better tomorrow if you relax tonight. HOWEVER...if you're not going to take that time off, make this family garbage night. The goal is to accumulate at least one bag per family member of things that have been hanging around long past the time they need to be here.

Been hanging on to back copies of lots of magazines? It's time for them to meet their recycling maker. If you have younger kids chances are that somewhere in a pile is that math test back from October that earned a 100, along with a lot of its friends and family. Time for them to move out. The job is to reduce those waiting piles to nothing or next to nothing. Still hanging on to some of those "cute" items that seem to arrive with Purim shalach monos? Time to either find them a new home elsewhere or get rid of them if you haven't figured out how you could possibly use them. Toys or games that your kids haven't touched in months or years? Time to donate them to someone or an organization that can use them. Books stacked precariously everywhere and anywhere? Take those that you aren't interested in keeping, bag them up and donate to your local library.

We all seem to collect things that take up space in our homes without producing any benefit to us. Tonight those items are spending their last hours producing clutter without benefit.

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