Monday, April 11, 2011

Pesach Countdown--7 Days to Go

Suggestion of the Day #1: Designate one place in your home and one place only where chometz may be eaten. Yes, even little children can follow instructions as to where they can eat. Any foods or snacks are served in that place and that place only. If you think that family members may forget where they can and cannot eat, print out a few signs on the computer saying "Chometz-free Zone" or "Chometz Limited to this Room" and put them up on the doors.

Suggestion of the Day #2: Yes, little children are spreaders of chometz (and to be truthful, some adults also). You might want to make all snacks given to children this week be kosher for Pesach. You may have crumbs to clean up but at least they won't be chometzdike crumbs.

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