Saturday, April 2, 2011

Pesach Countdown--16 Days to Go

Suggestion for the Day #1: Tonight is a good time to gather together anything and everything that is going to have to go to the cleaners for Pesach. Leaving it to the last week, when other things are surely going to be occupying you, is not necessary. Most cleaners in frum areas are also going to be mega busy that week, so beat the crowd. And if you do so, remember to take hubby's talis to be dry cleaned. If the cleaners in your area are open on a Sunday, then get the bag you gather together tonight to them first thing. Otherwise, place by the door for an a.m. run on Monday. And keep in mind that anyone with a drivers license can take the clothes to the cleaners--hubby or any of your kids that drive. Learn to delegate.

Suggestion for the Day #2: Yes, computers are wonderful for organizing your efforts for Pesach, but some things need to be printed out. Make yourself a Pesach organizing folder, or two. I use 2 two-pocket folders. One holds shopping lists of all kinds along with the printouts of the kosher for Passover product lists I've downloaded. This folder goes shopping with me. The other folder holds the "To Do Lists" for now and on Pesach, the menus, the recipes I'll need handy. This one lives in my Kitchen now and on Pesach.

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