Sunday, April 10, 2011

Shopping Right at ShopRite

Anyone in the metropolitan NY/NJ area with a ShopRite market in their neighborhood might want to check out a couple of items on steep sale this week. For one, 18-egg cartons at $1.49 for the carton, limit of four. Take someone with you and get all the eggs you need even with the individual checkout limit. For those who use cholov staam and use it over Pesach, ShopRite cream cheese bars--OUD and kosher for Pesach--with the ShopRite card were 79 cents a bar, no limit. ShopRite also has its own brands of milk available OUD with the Kosher for Pesach designation. However, at least in our local branch, the expiration date is the day before Pesach. Pays to ask the manager when the next delivery is coming in with an expiration date further in the future.

Note: a lot of those big supermarkets, especially the ones that had their Pesach products out early, are not restocking the non-perishable Pesach product areas. In at least two of those major markets the space dedicated to Pesach products has shrunk by at least half, if not more. Why? Easter-type products are taking their place.

Note: we Jews are getting lucky with those eggs not because the market knows that Pesach is coming and lots of eggs are used but because they are featuring eggs because a lot of non-Jewish families color those eggs for Easter, both to eat and to "play" with.


Sima said...

Thanks for having posted this tip. I saw it and headed to the nearest shoprite. I prefer the larger 18 egg boxes and you don't get those anywhere near this price anywhere else, not even close to the price. TY also for posting the limit. I took my neighbors 3 kids with me and we got 4 boxes each, my neighbor getting 8 and me 8. Every little bit of savings helps with Pesach costing what it costs.

Anonymous said...

How come when the non-Jewish holidays are coming, supermarkets give specials on holiday items, but when Jewish holidays are coming, "heimish" or "kosher" stores jack up the prices?