Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Stop and Smell the Roses Reminder

Yesterday the dentist and I had an un-longed for and unwanted visit. To say I haven't been in a good mood since that visit is an understatement even I'm not capable of. I had no energy to do much of anything, and no desire either. And no, the overcast wet weather has not been helping any.

About the only thing I accomplished yesterday was to take some of those crumbs and odds and ends of dry chometz that I'd been saving and go spread them across the planter beds for the birds. Even there I wasn't all that hopeful that I'd see a cheerful and cheering up gathering of birds because of the rain. And besides, the rain would probably just turn those crumbs into something the birds wouldn't look at, so why did I bother?

Just now I got the answer to that "why bother?" question, and a good lesson as well. A new type of bird that I have never seen before came to visit in our yard. It has a snow-white underbody and beautiful cobalt blue and white on its top and feathers. If this is a type of bluejay it's a very unusual one. And yes, it's been enjoying a long and leisurely breakfast.

Amazing how the sight of this beautiful creature of nature has taken me out of wallowing in misery. Suddenly the day has possibilities I wasn't seeing before. Sure, I'm still going to take those ibuprofen precisely when I'm allowed another dose, but I'm not sitting around any longer feeling sorry for myself with only those ibuprofen to look forward to. We shouldn't just mutter "this too shall pass"--we need to believe it, because yes, it--whatever "it" is--won't be here forever. And yes, the sights of nature are still one of the best antidotes to the blahs that there is.

So, if you're having one of "those" days (and before Pesach those-days-itis is a common enough occurrence), literally stop and smell the roses--or ooh and aah as nature is once again unfurling spring in its journey to summer. No, the pain won't go away, but amazingly enough it will be lessened.

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Roy said...

The bird you describe is a blue jay. Misconception that they are a solid blue. usual color is white breast and white blue and black on the back, wings and head.

Lucky you if you saw one. A sure sign that spring has arrived.