Friday, April 15, 2011

Pesach Countdown--3 Days to Go

Suggestion for the Day #1: Take a minute to think of just how many "large" meals you are going to be sitting down to over the next 10 days. You might want to make the meals for this Shabbos fairly simple ones.

Suggestion for the Day #2: Consider doubling one of the main dishes you are preparing for Shabbos and having it ready to warm up and eat on Sunday for dinner. Sunday is going to be a busy day for everyone and having a ready meal to eat takes some of the pressure off.

Suggestion for the Day #3: It takes the same amount of time to cook three large pots of soup as it does to cook one pot of soup. Consider making all your soups for Pesach today and freezing what you don't need until yom tov starts. Once the ingredients are in the pots, the soups cook themselves with little need for you to be hovering, leaving you some time to do other things you might need to do or might want to do.

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