Sunday, March 6, 2011

Tidbits from the Past

Some happenings from history for the week of March 6-12.
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6 Silly putty is invented. (1950)
6 Well known and loved Walter Cronkite signs off as anchorman off the CBS Evening News (1981)
7 Alexander Graham Bell patents the Telephone. (1876)
7 Monopoly board game is invented (1933)
8 President Ronald Reagan calls the USSR an "Evil Empire" (1983)
8 Baseball great Joe DiMaggio dies (1999)
9 Ironclad ships the Monitor and the Merrimack battle in the Civil war.
10 The U.S. government issues paper money for the first time. (1862)
10 Alexander Graham Bell places the world's first telephone call, to his assistant in the next room. (1876)
11 The most famous storm in American history begins.... the Blizzard of 1888.(1888)
12 Girl Scouts were founded. (1912)
12 Baseball great Joe Dimaggio agrees to a new contract with the NY Yankees, and gets a $6,250 raise. My, how times have changed! (1942)

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Leahle said...

I'd never heard of the Blizzard of 1888 so I did a quick search. Makes you thankful that we only got the snow we got this year, although upstate NY is supposed to be hit with a mega blizzard tonight. One blizzard I'm glad to only be reading about and not participating in.