Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Trying Something New

A group in Los Angeles is looking to try something new as regards the problem of tuition for Jewish schools. Known as ROILA, the group is trying to rally support for a new way of funding education and of uniting the Jewish community. I'm posting the link that explains what the plan is without commentary. So, what do you think? Hat tip to my offspring for sending me the info.


Abba's Rantings said...

yawn. basically no new ideas here, just a combination of previously suggested poor ideas.

the only interesting point was: "the schools must accept certain fiscal oversights in the form of a Controller Czar, operate according to basic business principles, and have professional Board training"

but instead of developing this further and explaining how it would work, they write about the other silliness ad finitum

JS said...

I second Abba's points. I don't see anything new here. The only point of interest is the Controller Czar to impose fiscal restraint on the schools and they don't discuss that at all. I also don't see how this plan can possibly generate the hundreds of millions probably necessary to spin off enough interest to fully fund the schools so that no one has to pay tuition ever again.

The big winner seems to be the shuls (assuming people actually become members if they aren't already and pay extra shul membership). Maybe my shul is cheap, but membership is under $1000. How is an extra $100-$150 from me going to fund the schools in phase I? This isn't even a drop in a bucket. Even with the "mega-donors" doubling it, it's a molecule of water in a bucket. And how can you possibly enforce this request to give 10% in a will?

Again, though, why do the shuls get 5%? I can't tell if this about raising money for schools or shuls. Schools are a much larger burden, but it seems to focus around the shuls. I don't get it.

Regardless, waiting for everyone to die to fund a gigantic fund is gonna take a loooooong time.

Orthonomics said...

You can see what I think. Just put up a post.