Thursday, March 10, 2011

OOT Beckons

As a public service I'm posting the following email sent out by the OU. For those who might be wondering if "normal" still exists anywhere, if affordable housing and schools exist anywhere--the answer is "YES!"R([Note: (Notee[[Note: yesgister Now

SAVE THE DATE! Register now for the OU Emerging Jewish Communities Home and Job Relocation Fair!

We are pleased to announce that the third Emerging Communities Fair will be held on Sunday, March 27, 2011 from 12 - 6 pm at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, 42nd St and Lexington Ave., New York, NY. Individuals and families will have an opportunity to meet with community representatives who will share information about community resources that are available in a warm and friendly Torah atmosphere. Learn about:

· exciting and lucrative job opportunities
· affordable housing and tuition
· Close-knit and warm communities
· synagogues, day schools and yeshivot
· kosher stores and other communal resources

Thirty-Eight Communities Will Be Represented:

Allentown, PA · Austin, TX · Bangor, ME· Binghamton, NY ·
Cherry Hill, NJ ·Columbus, OH · Dallas, TX · Elizabeth, NJ ·
Harrisburg, PA · Jacksonville, FL · Las Vegas, NV ·
Linden, NJ · Long Branch, NJ · Malden, MA · Manalapan, NJ · Memphis, TN ·Merrick, NY · Metairie, LA · Milwaukee, WI ·
New Haven, CT · Norfolk, VA · Oceanside, NY ·
Overland Park, KS · Parsippany, NJ · Phoenix, AZ ·
Pittsburgh, PA · Plainview, NY · Richmond, VA ·
Rochester, NY ·Roslyn, NY · Sacramento, CA · Southfield, MI · Springfield, NJ ·Springfield, MA· Stamford, CT ·
Staten Island, NY · White Oak, PA · Wynnewood, PA ·

For more information call 212.613.8188


Abba's Rantings said...

in the past when i (jokingly) referred to SI as OOT you took offense. but here it is on the list :)

efrex said...

Very interesting mix of communities, including several that I've had very positive experiences with. Kind of strange to see some of these places (e.g. Memphis, Merrick, Cherry Hill, Columbus) call themselves "emerging," though: I think if you've had an established Jewish community for more than 50 years, you've emerged already, no? :)

Happy to see Rochester on the list. I don't know the Jewish community there well, but I love the city. If it only weren't so #*#*@! cold in the winter.

Good for the OU!

frum single female said...

im not so sure that i would consider elizabeth , new jersey an emerging community.
overland park kansas is a lovely community. its small and the people are very friendly. its also a very beautiful city asthetically.

ProfK said...

Have changed my mind about the oot designation for SI--let people use it. It certainly describes our attitudes better than saying we're like the other boroughs, Brooklyn in particular.

Re the mention of communities on the list that have been around for years, for decades, I imagine they are looking to attract "younger" people to the community, and since the OU doesn't have a designated day for introducing older established OOT communities, the OU allows them to present along with the emerging communities.