Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tidbits from the Past

Some happenings in history for the week of March 13-19.
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13 Senate begins impeachment trial of President Andrew Johnson. (1868)
13 Greenwood patented earmuffs, originally called the "Champion Ear Protector". (1877)

13 Harvard University is named after clergyman John Harvard. (1639)
14 Eli Whitney patents the Cotten Gin (1794)
14 George Eastman, founder of Eastman Kodak Company, commits suicide rather than facing the ravages of cancer. (1932)
15 "The Ides of March" Julius Caesar is stabbed to death by Marcus Junius Brutus. (44 B.C.)
16 Professor Robert Goddard launches the first liquid fuel rocket. (1926)
16 The Mai Lai Massacre takes place in Vietnam. (1968)
17 The rubber band was invented. Can you imagine life without them!?! (1845)
18 Soviet Union cosmonaut Aleksei Leonov becomes the first person to take a space walk. (1965)
19 Congress approves Daylight Savings Time. (1918)

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