Thursday, March 10, 2011

There are still seven days in a week

As long as this week already seems to be devoted to dating and shidduchim, let me discuss another area of dating I just don't understand today. Last I looked, a week still held seven days, and each day was 24 hours long, across all seasons of the year. With the exception of Shabbos itself, that leaves an awful lot of hours during the week to be able to date.

Now granted, Monday to Friday during daytime hours are not usually date times, although it has not been unheard of for two people to meet for lunch on a working day. There is definitely something to be said for being out and about with the sun in the sky instead of the moon. And there are plenty of legal/federal/state holidays where people are off and could go out.

This now brings me to Sunday. Unless you have a job that requires Sunday work, or are attending classes at some time on a Sunday, it would seem that Sunday would be a perfect dating day (and even if you have classes, you don't have them all day). Virtually all attractions and activities in the City and environs are open on a Sunday. Traffic in the City is relatively lighter because it isn't a standard working day. Dates don't have to have artificial limits on a Sunday because mostly the entire day is available for activities that can't be started and finished in 1-2 hours. Find that eating on a date can get a might expensive for dinner? Breakfast and lunch and/or an afternoon snack will cost you less.

Okay, okay, I know that someone is going to bring it up, so let me bring it up first. A whole lot of young men who are in yeshiva on Sundays, so for them it's a business day as regular. Those are the same young men who will quite easily take off from yeshiva if they have a family affair or simcha on that day. The same young men who have no problem going away for a Shabbos and not getting back for yeshiva on Sunday. The same young men who schedule needed appointments on Sunday and then keep them. In short, Sunday for these yeshiva boys doesn't seem to be so sacrosanct when it comes to yeshiva attendance. And you know what? I'm not saying they are wrong. But why isn't dating--whose final outcome is supposed to be the creating of marriages to strengthen Klal--also considered one of those things you can sometimes do on a Sunday, during the day? Roshei Hayeshivot should actually be thrilled about dating during Sunday daylight hours--not much of a chance that yichud will happen in bright sunlight in a car full of windows on a busy city street.

What I'm saying is that in addition to expanding the places you can go to on a date, singles also ought to be expanding the times they will go on a date. Dating is not synonymous with 7-8 PM. As the old song stated: Let the sun shine, let the sun shine in, the sun shine in!


Abba's Rantings said...

"Find that eating on a date can get a might expensive for dinner? Breakfast and lunch and/or an afternoon snack will cost you less."

part of the typical expected script is going to an expensive restaraunt. this is a bigger obstacle to overcome than the day vs. night issue. many girls (or their mothers) would consider it a big negative is guy takes them out for breakfast.

yes, i'm goin to blame this one on the girls. i'm sure there will be some comments from some girls that this isn't true and they look at the guy and not where he takes her. but i think these are the outliers.

Anonymous said...

In the secular world, taking a girl out for breakfast has a different connotation. The assumption is that she spent the night.

Anonymous said...

From "Hair", right?