Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pooling to Save Money

I had this posting up last year and I believe it bears re-posting. Prices on everything have gone up since last year and many budgets for Pesach are going to be skewed because of it. Pooling together with others is one way that expenses can be not only held in check but reduced.


Lissa said...

Pooling saves us a fortune and not just for Passover. We do it all year round. Our savings on washing detergent alone make any record keeping or work on our part worth it.

Our group did discover one strange thing though. Items purchased by the case lot all come in even numbers in the boxes. Having an odd number of people in the pool can sometimes skew the numbers when it comes to dividing things.

tesyaa said...


We just bought some items we don't usually buy to give for Mishloach Manos (single serving chocolate milk boxes) and they came in sets of 9 or 21.

I doubt these items are they type people pool together to economize on, though.