Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Spring in my Step... Not

Lest any New Yorkers may have forgotten, the Spring Equinox was on March 20. That's right--
Spring has officially started. Gardening services all over SI were out in full force yesterday fertilizing lawns and preparing for the green explosion that marks Spring in our borough.

Apparently Mother Nature has taken exception to the idea that Spring is supposed to be visiting us. Nothing like waking up to a blanket of white: not on the beds--on the lawn. As I stare at the trees in the woods they are an unbroken picture of ghostly branches clad in white. Where crocuses were gaily pushing up their heads yesterday, today there is no reminder that green is the color that nature favors.

Back to finding where in the back of the closet I tossed my boots in celebration of winter's end. Was it truly only last Friday that the temperature was 71 and all the windows in the house were open wide to bring in a breath of fresh air?

I look for something to blame for today's weather and I find it handily. My brother from California flew in last night for a short visit. Clearly Mother Nature decided to give him a taste of what he doesn't get where he lives. But why oh why do I have to taste along with him?!

I'd snuggle up back under the covers and hope that when I awaken once again I'll discover this was all a bad dream, but I've lived in New York too long to truly believe in that fantasy. Instead it's time for a steaming hot cup of coffee while esconced in fuzzy slippers and a snuggly robe. Then it's time to go and put out food into the bird feedeers yet again. Our feathered friends are doomed to disappointment if they think that they are getting nature's fresh bounty today.

Have a safe day today, and just keep reminding yourself that this weather can't last for ever--I hope.


Anonymous said...

Some of us are actually dreading all those humid 90 degree days that are right around the corner and are relishing this last bit of cool air. Last weekend's mid - 40's weather was perfect for taking a walk and starting to clean up the yard from the ravages of this past winter.

Trudy said...

I'm with you Anon that I'm so not looking forward to the humid days of summer. But I'm also with the Prof that I can't deal with the snow and certainly not at this time of the year. That pretty much leaves me with about 6-7 months of the year that I hate NY weather. Something to think about in contemplating whether or not we're going to stay in NY full time when we retire.

Miami Al said...

I guess it's insensitive to point out that while we were getting the Seudah together on Sunday, the kids were in the pool having a grand old time?

Masha said...

But there is an advantage to the snow that you are missing. If it's snowing then it's still winter. And if it's still winter then you don't have to think about that P holiday that is definitely a spring holiday. Wouldn't mind if it snowed for at least another week or two.

JS said...

Yep, definitely insensitive. I could only first SEE my pool maybe 2 weeks ago after all the snow finally melted.


Anonymous said...

JS: Also insensitive to even mention that you have a pool.

Miami Al said...

With Adar Bet and the new DST schedule, we were joking that Purim is our favorite summer holiday. :)

Suri said...

So much for the politicians and their global warming!