Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Wholly Different Side of Brooklyn

G6 gritted her teeth and made a shopping trip into Brooklyn. I, for one, avoid it whenever possible. And come nothing like the action in the clip below ever happens at Shoprite or King Kullen? And that it happened in Brooklyn? And at Pomegranate? Amazing! Don't know what I'm all excited about? Click on the link below and grab a few moments of enjoyment.


Tuvi said...

Almost enough--note almost--to get me to walk into Pomegranate again.

Abba's Rantings said...

suprisingly i enjoyed the video. thanks for posting.

Trudy said...

Go figure that a supermarket could be a good setting for an entertaining video--enjoyed this and thanks for the link.

G6 said...

Now why couldn't my shopping trip have been more like THAT?

Oh, right!
There were shoppers there at the time.... :)