Monday, September 1, 2008


For those of you wondering just what this month might bring, the following is a partial listing of various days and weeks falling out during September that someone thought were worthy of commemorating. There is also a list of month-long celebrations. How worthy I'll leave up to you to decide. I do admit to wondering about the confluence of days being celebrated on the 20th--is there a larger message there? I was also not aware that elephants were under-appreciated. Who knows, there may be post material in some of these sometimes wacky celebrations. Lucky Jameel--he got his own week! And I'm going to offer a prize to any reader who can put together in one recipe all the foods that are showcased and commemorated this month--one fleishig recipe and one milchig recipe must be submitted.

Days of Wonder...September
Labor Day--1
Be Late for Something Day--5
National Grandparent's Day--7
Salami Day--7
International Literacy Day--8
Aunt's Day--9
Birthday of the Hot Dog (1884)--9
Wonderful Weirdos Day--9
Swap Ideas Day--10
Patriot Day--11
International Chocolate Day--13
National Student Day--16
International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer--16

Citizenship Day--17
Constitution Day--17
National Wool Day--19
Talk like a Pirate Day--19

Big Whopper Liar Day--20
International Eat an Apple Day--20
Responsible Dog Ownership Day--20
Wife Appreciation Day--20
International Day of Peace--21
Women's Friendship Day--21
Elephant Appreciation Day--22
National White Chocolate Day--22
National Women's Health & Fitness Day--24
Punctuation Day--24
Ancestor Appreciation Day--27
Hug a Vegetarian Day--28
Rosh Hashanah--29-30
Chewing Gum Day--30

Weeks of Wonder...September
National Waffle Week--1-5
Substitute Teacher Appreciation Week--14-20
National Dog Week--19-25
Build a Better Image Week--21-27

Child Passenger Safety Week--21-27
National Clean Hands Week--21-27
Deaf Awareness Week--21-27
National Keep Kids Creative Week--21-27
National Love Your Files Week--21-27
Prostate Cancer Awareness Week--21-27
National Singles Week--21-27
World Dairy Week--30-10/4

A Month of Wonder...September
ADHD Disorder Month
Baby Safety Month
College Savings Month
Gynecology Cancer Awareness Month
International People Skills Month
Library Card Sign-up Month
World Leukemia and Lymphoma Awareness Month
National Alcohol & Drug Addiction Recovery Month
Mold Awareness Month
National Chicken Month
National Childhood Injury Prevention Month
National Coupon Month
National Honey Month
National Mushroom Month
National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month
National Piano Month
National Potato Month
National Rice Month
Self-Improvement Month
Update Your Resume Month
World Animal Remembrance Month
National Biscuit Month
National Courtesy Month
Classical Music Month


Anonymous said...

Had to do some thinking about the 20th and then it hit me. Maybe we Jews should rename it Adam and Chava day.

A Living Nadneyda said...

What a relief that Aunt's Day and Chocolate Day fall out so close together... my kids' aunt loves chocolate (unlike the rest of us, of course!)

Thanks for making me smile!

Anonymous said...

You must be thrilled Prof, they gave you a day for English teachers...Punctuation Day. Planning a celebration for your classes?

Knitter of shiny things said...

National Talk Like a Pirate Day and National Wool Day are on the same day! (I knew about Talk Like a Pirate, but not Wool.) So that must make it National Knit Like a Pirate Day.

Also, some of these days and weeks I feel should be observed year-round. Like National Clean Hands Week. Or Wife Appreciation Day. Or Baby Safety Month.

Knitter of shiny things said...

Also, where did you get this from?

ProfK said...

Go to and look for the calendar dates. I also did some scouting around some of the other calendar-type sites online, because this site didn't have everything.

Bas~Melech said...

What endorsements does one need in order to become recognized as a "day" or "week?"

Incidentally, I think September is also Childhood Cancer Awareness Month (not 100% sure on that, it may have passed already). Support childhood cancer care through Team Lifeline (and thanks, ProfK!)

ProfK said...

Some days are established by national organizations that are looking to bring awareness about whatever problem they deal with. Some are established by national associations of the producers of a product as an aid to sales (think national potato week). Some days/weeks are established by local groups but the idea catches on across the country. A few are established by local/state municipalities to push an issue of local concern. A few are established by the federal government. Newspapers have been responsible for a few of the days. Some few are suggested by people with a strange sense of humor, but once they have caught on, they remain entrenched. Greeting card companies have been responsible for a few of the days/weeks--again as a marketing tool. And for some, they remain on the calendar and no one has any idea as to how they got there.