Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Yup, It's That Time of Year Again

September 3. For me, the start of another school year. I don't know quite how I arrived at this point so soon--wasn't it just June a few days ago?

I actually look forward to the start of classes. In my experience teaching, no class is ever the same as any other I have taught. All the new faces bring new possibilities with them. Right now, before I have ever stepped into my classroom, I believe that everything is going to go great all term. Right now every student on my rosters, strangers all, are great students. Right now I am still in the "wedding" phase of teaching--we're registered to go forward together and we believe in "happily ever after." Tonight my classes and I are going to enter the "honeymoon" period and I hope it lasts and lasts. I'm committed to making our "marriage" not only last but work well, and I hope that my students are equally committed.

And all that still does not erase the "first night" nervousness that has been scratching at me since way too early this morning. My kids used to wonder at how I could still be nervous on the first day of school when I have been teaching for so many years. Now they no longer wonder, but I do notice that everyone keeps well out of my way. They also all know that by this time next week I'll be an "old married lady" with no more wild butterflies.

For all those who are themselves going back to school or who are sending children off to school, relax and prepare for the year of a lifetime--positive thinking only. And please remember that the first week does not a marriage make. After the first week is when the job of making the marriage work out really begins.


Anonymous said...

Good luck and enjoy!

Anonymous said...

I'm going back to school too. Have a great year.