Monday, September 1, 2008

A Little Reminder

Just a reminder that my new blog is up and sort of running at

The information posted there is nowhere near complete and I could use your help. First, if you know of a Jewish provider or organization that deals with any of the problems listed in the labels listing, please send to I also need providers and organizations that aren't specifically Jewish, as sometimes there are no Jewish organizations or sometimes those Jewish organizations are not enough.

While I have been concentrating on the NY area first, there are already listings for other parts of the country and world as well.


A Living Nadneyda said...

ProfK, are you looking for Israeli resources as well, or sticking to the U.S. for now?

ProfK said...

I've got a label up for Israeli sources and even have a few that I found. But I'm really counting on the Israeli bloggers to fill in all the blanks. Just something to think about--one of you Israeli bloggers might want to parallel what I'm doing here and start a Jewish Community Resources Israel blog. In one sense it seems kind of strange for Israeli sources to be sent from there to here to be used there.