Sunday, April 13, 2008

You Can Do It!

To all those making Pesach this year, paste on your smiles. You're going to make it. If the Ribboneh Shel Olam could create the world in 6 days, finishing up Pesach should be a snap. A lot simpler to buy fruits and vegetables then to create them to begin with.

Ever wonder why cars come with more than one type of drive? Mostly we only use the plain D for drive. The others are reserved for more difficult terrains, the ones that go steeply up or down. The ones to be used when we are traveling at faster than normal speeds. A well known fact among women is that we, too, come with more than one drive. Time to pick up the speed a little and head up that steep hill. Put yourself into Drive 1. When you crest that hill you're on the home stretch, and your destination is clearly visible.

Have a safe and happy journey. Just remember that a car driven in overdrive for extended periods of time can develop problems. The engines of most cars are not made to be used at full speed up a 90 degree incline for hours on end. Build in some down time for your engine. Keep up with your routine maintenance. Now is not the time to test for the limits of human endurance--you just might find out.

And keep repeating, because it is true, the Pesach will be a beautiful yom tov. What could be better than a holiday that requires you to sit down at a table for hours and imbibe wine?


mother in israel said...

And who's going to serve?

ProfK said...

Even little children can carry in and out small items, thus saving you dozens of trips back and forth. And they do grow up and become capable of ladling out soup and bringing it to the table and of putting meat on platters etc. Even little ones can set a table if the items are brought to the table for them. They can clear off empty plates.

Bas~Melech said...

"[s]it down"? LOL. Cute, ProfK, real cute.

I'm having visions of cresting a hill... and the car with the burned out engine tumbles down, down, down...