Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A Cleaning Reminder

In case this item is not on your cleaning lists, I offer this reminder: your cars need to be cleaned for Pesach. The amount of actual chometz that can be found on the floors of cars and on the seats and tucked into the seats and in the trunk always amazes me. I'm not the only one to drive my car nor am I the only passenger. I can't eat and drive at the same time (and no comments about chewing gum and walking please) but others obviously have eaten in the car. If you load your groceries into the trunk of the car crumbs and small pieces can walk right out of the bags and take up residence. Unless you are planning on selling your car with all the other chometz, this has to be done.

But I also offer this. Find a good carwash and let them take care of this chore for you. The one we use is $6.00 for just the outside, $8.00 if they include vacuuming the inside and $10.00 for the total inside works, including cleaning the insides of the windows and the inside of the trunk. They have the equipment and the manpower and it is money well spent. Just a note: when they clean the inside of the car they will throw away any loose papers and bottles and whatnot that they find. If something in the car has value to you, put it in the glove compartment or take it into the house.


Anonymous said...

Alternatively, make it an activity for boys home from yeshiva (and bored)..time well spent instead of getting on your nerves...

Orthonomics said...

I've been enjoying driving around in our super clean cars for over a week now. I am not kidding when I tell my husband, "maybe we should have a not food in the car rule period."

My husband and son took care of this project. It is a good one for the guys. I don't think there is a car wash in our area that vacumns and the schools use car cleaning as a fundraiser but they want an arm and a leg and my husband doesn't think they will be detailed enough.