Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A New Serialized Tale

Thanks to those who read The Tale of HindaElla many postings ago and asked for more. This time, however, I'm going to take a stab at some science fiction writing. Thinking about kosher for Pesach hechshers on toilet paper led me to wonder "What else is next?" For those who are fans of the genre, you know that the best of the science fiction writers were also social commentators. Buried in each of their stories were kernels of truth, not only about the worlds the authors created, but about the worlds of the readers. In this tradition I present to you A Not So Brave New World.

Disclaimer: Any resemblance between the events and people depicted in the story and those still living is absolutely intentional.


mother in israel said...

Please provide a link for HindaElla (I only got the title as I typed it out).

ProfK said...

Mother in Israel,
I can't get the direct links to post in this comment, but type in Mother Goosed: The Tale of Hinda Ella--Part I, Part II etc. through Part XV

Anonymous said...

Did you post this one a long time ago and remove it?

ProfK said...

I put up Part I in the beginning of January but took it down almost immediately because it was finals time at school and I couldn't write the rest of it. I only reminded myself about it this week when I was cleaning the blog for Pesach. Sorry, should have warned you that it might sound a bit familiar if you saw it then.