Monday, April 28, 2008

The Fifth Question...and the Sixth...and.........

Why is it that what took weeks and weeks of hard work to bring to fruition took only one hour and 37 minutes to get packed up and put away? Why is it that the refrigerator which was spotless just a week ago is in desperate need of cleaning again? Why do the stove top and oven look like the losers in a battle, when just last week they were pristine? Why do the bedrooms and the living room and dining room look like a major convention took place in them, the delegates have all departed, but their memories linger on? Why is it that just a few days ago I had enough groceries to go into business for myself, but this morning I am in desperate need of a run to the supermarket?

And why is it that someone yesterday asked, "So, what are you doing for Shavuous?"

Women who deliver babies may sometimes suffer from PPD--post-partum depression. Women who spend weeks "delivering" Pesach may also suffer PPD--post-Pesach depression.

Me? I'm going back to work, and maybe, just maybe, some benevolent elves will sneak into my house and put it back into order. Hmmm, here's another question: what are the chances of that?


Anonymous said...

ProfK - It took us longer to clean up then 1 hour and 47 minutes. Actually, although all packed nicely cleaned and stacked, our Pesach stuff is not put away. But like you we have a few questions.

When uncovering our counter, stove and kitchen table we found dirt and moisture and smells underneath. How did it get there? All right, with counter top I could understand. May be water from the sink splashes somehow penetrated through the tape found it's way underneath. Same could be said about the stove.

But a kitchen table? How? Both my daughter and I were speachless when we removed the plastic covering it. It was covered so tightly that she broke her nail getting it off. But from underneath we got a whiff of the most disgusting odor.

Oh, well. Back to work.

PS We were asked about Shvouth last night, too.

Orthonomics said...

I still have not packed away all the Pesach dishes. They are out of the kitchen however. And the laundry alone overwhelmed me for a number of hours today.

I wrote a similiar post that the Post-Pesach cleanup-PPC- is fairly similiar to the Pre-Pesach difference. The difference? More crumbs on the PPC.

Hope you had a nice Pesach. Ours was absolutely fantastic. But, I have another upcoming post. Now that we are out and about again in, I'm in price shock. Things went up, up, up while I was enjoying Pesach bliss. How will we meet our yearly budget??