Thursday, April 17, 2008

One Final Word

This is it for me for now. I wish all my readers and their families a joyous yom tov, one filled with happiness and health. Just one little note for the women who have been making Pesach: Yes, you've been working hard and have been stressed out on occasion. Yes, life has not been easy the past few weeks. Yes, you've wondered if truly sane people would put in this kind of work. The answer to that is also "yes." But the kvetching and groaning time is over. It is time to look around your homes with pride of achievement. It is time to say "I've done well." It is time to enjoy the fruits of all that hard labor. It is time to understand that all that work has been a gift to your family and yes, to you as well. When we usher in Shabbos and then Pesach, the possibility for that yom tov to be celebrated in your home is what you have worked to achieve. Don't ruin all that work by forgetting why you did it. Remember to enjoy yom tov. It's sort of like childbirth--when you see the baby you forget about the pain.


לשנה הבאה בירושלים הבנויה


Anonymous said...

Just curious -- While you're sitting there enjoying the fruits of your labor, who's feeding those fruits to everyone, cleaning up from six meals, making more food for the third day (because things disappear...), watching the little ones (unless you don't have any anymore/yet)


-BM on vacation

ProfK said...

If this were not Pesach, would you not be feeding those same people six meals? Would you not need to cook fresh? Would you not need to watch the little ones? What you are mentioning is just routine maintenance for a family with young children. Once the heavy work is done for Pesach, you are back to business as usual.

My kids are all grownups. Just wait with a tiny bit of patience. Even as they move from very little to a bit bigger to all the way grown they become a help. They can set tables, wash dishes, help serve, amuse themselves and even help with the cooking. They can peel potatoes, my favorite help right about now.

Leora said...

>It's sort of like childbirth--when you see the baby you forget about the pain.
You had me until this line. My second was a particularly painful birth. That was 11 years ago.

I LOVED your seven dwarfs post. And my refrigerator was cleaned exclusively with vinegar and baking soda.

Have a chag kasher v'sameach.