Monday, March 24, 2008

Why Label?

When the kids were really young I was the only one who worked in the kitchen for Pesach. Even when the kids helped they were under my direct supervision. Now that everyone is adults the situation has changed. Everyone can and does "patchke" around in the kitchen. And what is the one question that inevitably comes up? "Is this fleishig/milchig/pareve?" I purchased the items and use them and I know which is which, but the others do not necessarily know. The colors of things are different for Pesach, as are some of the items themselves.

To save all kinds of trouble, get yourselves those labels that are sold that say "meat," "dairy," and "pareve." Label anything and everything where there may be a question. In truth, there are a few items that I had to remind myself of and the labels help me too. You only use Pesachdik items for one week out of the year and it's testing human memory to assume that you will remember exactly what each item is used for. After all, if you can't remember you can't use the item, and you will need to purchase another one, a waste of money that a tiny little label can save you.

When there is a long chol hamoed my working people take lunch and drinks from home. Those that like coffee with milk can clearly identify the thermoses that are milchig. Those who are taking fleishigs for lunch can clearly identify those thermoses that are correct for their purposes. No confusion either over the containers they can use.

I have two baby bottle brushes that I use for cleaning those thermoses. They are identical--just how many different types do you think there are really? The labels prevent any problems from happening.

It's a little thing really, but it can save you from headaches down the road.


Anonymous said...

We have only fleishig on Pesach. All milchig stuff is disposable. I figure we can all survive a week without hot milk/cheese stuff. That includes coffee, too.

Anonymous said...

I went to Office Max and got some clear plastic sticky labels and used my computer to make my own labels. A lot cheaper then the ones our Jewish book store sells and the plus is that the colors match what is dairy and what is meat in my house.

Anonymous said...

With all the steps we take to make sure that everything is really kosher for Pesach this is one of the simplest things we could do and it would really help. I can't believe I never thought to do this before. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I'm making Pesach for the first time this year and this hint is already working for me. As I have been buying things this week I've already been labeling themn with what I want to use them for. I think there will be less confusion in putting things on the shelves when Pesach comes because anyone can read the label and know where something goes.