Monday, March 24, 2008

A List is a List, Of Course, Of Course

A reader asked about what kinds of lists she needs to have for Pesach making. The exact types of lists will vary from household to household but the following might be useful as general guidelines.

1. Cleaning lists, divided by room.
2. Must go to the laundry before Pesach list
3. Non-perishable food items, divided into categories for ease of use:
a. drinks
b. spices
c. baking supplies
d. matza and matza type products
e. canned, jarred and bottled products
f. Nosh and dessert items
g. Cleaning and kitchen supplies
h. Paper goods, foil items and storage items
i. Miscellany, such as candles
j. Baby items, if applicable
4. Perishable items #1:
a. Fish
b. Meat
c. Eggs and egg substitute
d. Dairy products
e. Miscellany, such as frozen vegetables
f. Ices and sherbets and ice cream
g. Fresh Bakery items
5. Perishable items #2:
a. fruits
b. vegetables
6. The k'orah--read the hagaddah and make a list--don't forget the zroah
7. Wine and grape juice order
8. What to bake list
9. Cooking list--pre-yom tov
10. Cooking list--on yom tov
11. Bathroom cabinet check list--many medications and beauty products can't be used for Pesach. They all need to be checked and the ones that are chometz need to be moved to a cabinet that will be sold for Pesach.
12, Missing items to be purchased--can include kitchen utensils and holiday items for use at the seder. Anything you don't own that you believe you will have to have for yom tov.
13. Guest lists--who is coming, for which meals, how many people, any food allergies or problems

There are, of course, other possibilities. The point is not just to be making lists, but to be making lists that are helpful. In all cases, when something is purchased or finished check it off the list.


concernedjewgirl said...


Printed it twice.

Any more helpful suggestions would be appreciated. I'll be on the look out.

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU from me too. I made Pesach for the first time last year and getting to yoom tov made me crazy. These lists are so helpful. Hope you don't mind but I made copies for my friends also. Probably the most useful thing I've seen on a blog site yet.

Anonymous said...

My husband decided that we would stay home for Pesach this year or at least come back for chol hamoed and maybe the last days. The packing and unpacking and dragging to both sets of parents was sort of getting to him. I said that would be fine but that WE would be making the house ready together and I showed him your lists. First he grumbled that the lists couldn't be right then he figured out that the lists weren't wrong and now we are going away as usual for the whole Pesach. Thank you!