Sunday, March 16, 2008

Purim Torah, Psychologist Style

To: Dr. Yehudi Everyjew, Director, Shushan Family and Child Services
From: Yenta Intheknow, MSW
Date: Purim, 2004
Subject: Home Inspection, Esther HaMalka

This report will cover the home inspection done for one Esther HaMalka, residing in the city of Shushan, Persia.

Domicile Status: The client seems to be living in the lap of luxury. Home is a palace. Client has servants, one for each day. Despite all the money that seems readily available, client does not appear to be happy, satisfied or fulfilled.

Marital Status: Client is married to King Achashverosh. She is his second wife. There are still unresolved issues from client’s husband’s first marriage. Apparently husband and wife do not share the same quarters—clear indication of some marital discord. There is some evidence that needs corroborating that Esther HaMalka was kidnapped from the home of her uncle and forced into marriage with the King. Unsubstantiated rumor that “Uncle” was really her first husband. Could explain her failure to adjust to marriage with the King.

Physical Appearance Observations: Esther HaMalka is a beautiful woman despite her lack of makeup and fancy ornamentation. She is physically fit, refusing to sit back and do nothing. Obviously all the work she does agrees with her. No evidence that she has had any kind of plastic surgery.

Observations of Mental Condition: Esther HaMalka is fairly friendly, although this observer noticed that she exhibits extreme reticence in discussing anything that pertains to her family background prior to coming to the palace. This could mean that she is protecting someone else, although who that could be is not known.. Although she was an orphan at an early age, she was raised by an uncle who provided a stable home environment. Most women would give everything they own to be queen, but Esther seems ambivalent at best about the honor. This could be because her predecessor met an untimely death at the hands of the King, her husband.

General Observations Pertinent to Home Inspection: While Esther HaMalka is not usually a forceful, assertive person, she will react appropriately when presented with circumstances warranting such behavior. This observer noticed that when the fate of the Jewish people was at issue, the Queen, after fasting for three days, approached the King unbidden. It should be noted that such behavior carries with it the risk of death, but Esther is able to look beyond her own needs and respond exceptionally for the greater good.

In addition, she has exhibited extreme tolerance for the King’s unusual relationship with Haman HaRosho. It was going to be my recommendation to her that she nip this friendship in the bud, as the relationship has had a deleterious affect, both on the kingdom and on the marital relationships of the King, but Esther was proactive on her own behalf, and managed to eliminate Haman, secure the King’s approbation for her plans for the Jews, and return her marriage to secure footing. Frankly, a lesser woman would have failed, but Esther HaMalka is clearly a woman secure in her ability to rise to the occasion.

Recommendations: It is clear that Esther and her Uncle Mordechai have things in hand. With the ouster of Haman, thus ending his unsavory influence on the King, I believe that Esther’s future is such that she should be much happier. My only concern at this point is not with Esther HaMalka per se but with the King. Peripheral to my observation of the Queen it was impossible not to notice that her husband drinks far more than is acceptable or healthy. This could account for any anomalies in Esther’s behavior pattern, as it is known that the families of alcoholics can suffer feelings of displacement and anomie, not unsimilar to those noticed in Esther. Therefore, I am recommending that
1. Esther and Mordechai be given increasing responsibility for the affairs in Persia
2. King Achashverosh be persuaded to attend AA meetings
3. Jews the world over should celebrate the festival of Purim throughout the ages to remember the events that transpired in Persia
4. You have a freilachin Purim, from our house to your house

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Could almost believe this was a real evaluation. Sounds like the ones I get all the time.