Sunday, March 30, 2008

This Too Shall Pass

It doesn't matter how organized you get for yom tov. You can have all the lists you need. You can check things off and see progress being made. You can feel as if you are on top of everything. But there comes a moment, and sometimes it comes more than once, when you look at those lists and say "Phooey on it all! I am not washing/dusting/cleaning one more thing! I am not ever walking into another store! I am heading for Tahiti or other points unknown!" Take heart--you are not alone.

Making Pesach makes many a woman wonder about the "Ho'yinu" part of "Avodim ho'yinu." This time of year we become slaves to the calendar, which sometimes seems to run faster than we can keep up with. Those lists seem to multiply faster than rabbits do. No matter how much we have already done, there remains so much more to do. And yes, just that itsy bitsy amount of resentment creeps in, a bad case of the why-am-I-the-only-one-killing-myself blues.

I posted before about treating yourself like a human being. This is a good time to remember that you are. Take a break--it will all wait for you any way. It's plenty late right now--head for bed. A good night's sleep goes a long way towards renewing strength and determination.

I'm taking my own advice. There's a bed beckoning to me. I like the song it is singing. So the curtains aren't getting washed tonight--they waited this long, so let them wait a little longer. Layla tov!

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