Wednesday, March 12, 2008

No, I Didn't Forget

Purim is fast approaching. Balabustas are already making plans for the seudah. Now is also a good time to make plans for having a "drunk free" Purim. Ordering wine for the seudah? Just how much do you really need to have a freilachen Purim? Make this the year that no alcohol but wine gets served. Want to control how much wine gets imbibed? Put out the wine glasses at the beginning of the seudah, open the wine, pour some into the glasses of those who wish some, and then take the bottle off the table. When you clear the dishes for the first course, take off the wine glasses.

This Purim I hope and pray that at the end of the day there will be no horror stories being reported. This year it would be nice if the Hatzalah volunteers could actually enjoy their Purim seudah instead of being called out to yet another alcohol related emergency. This year it would be nice if people waking up Shabbos morning could actually remember what happened on Friday.

We Jews are told that we should embrace wisdom wherever we find it. I didn't coin the following but it so makes sense when it comes to getting drunk: Just Say No!

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