Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Further Life of Inanimate Objects

A while back I posted on the seeming life of inanimate objects. Balabustas know that at this time of year some appliance, usually a necessary one, is going to give up the fight and die. We all hope that this final gasp will happen sooner rather than later. My husband has stopped pooh poohing this as even he has come to see that no appliance ever dies on a nondescript day in February or May or July.

Last night, after a full house of company, bedding and clothing was piled high needing to be washed. The washer was more than willing to do its job. The first load in the dryer worked just fine. And then there I was, with 4 loads of wet wash and a dryer that gave a great gasp and left this earth forever. I can't say it was wholly unexpected. In dryer years, it was already at the point of social security. And in its presence last night someone mentioned that cleaning the bedding was a start on Pesach cleaning. Can't say I blame the dryer for giving up the ghost; lots of balabustas I know who kind of react in the same way when you mention Pesach cleaning.

Alas poor Maytag--I knew it well. Hello Kenmore--I'll know it even better. And when I pass by those other appliances that reside in my house I'll be sure and give them a kind word of encouragement. One appliance funeral before Pesach is all I can handle.


mother in israel said...

Cute post. I have a friend who says that when something breaks before RH it means that you didn't spend enough on tzedakah that year. Enjoy the new dryer--better now than three weeks from now.

Bas~Melech said...

:-( Good to see you're taking it in stride.

Mother -- funny you should say that. Our fridge went just before R"H this year! (but we do give plenty of tzedakah, more than maaser) I just say if we had to experience a loss this year, better the fridge than my mind.

mother in israel said...

bas~melech--glad you didn't take it personally! We had to buy a fridge before Pesach two years ago. It was actually good timing.

ProfK said...

Many years back the fridge decided break down here also before Pesach. Unfortunately it decided to do this after I had already spent the better part of a day making it clean and kosher. Some appliances can become mean and nasty before they die.

Anonymous said...

My condolences on your dryer. I know what sadness you must have had. My microwave is now in the ICU and not expected to live.

Anonymous said...

If I sacrifice a blender that really old already but still works does that serve as a kaporah for keeping the other appliances from breaking?