Friday, December 21, 2007

Waste Not, Waste Not

Some people have the minhag to put a piece of challah by the lachter on Friday night. Motzoai Shabbos it gets tossed in the garbage. Some people take a slice of challah on Shabbos but don't finish it all. Because it has been eaten from it gets tossed into the garbage.

Why wait for Shabbos Shira to worry about feeding the birds? Take those leftover pieces and save them in a bag. After Shabbos, crumble them up and toss them out in the yard. No yard? Surely there is a park somewhere near where you live? To throw away food bothers me no end--baal tashchis at its worst. To care nothing for the creatures of the natural world whose "Waldbaums" may be closed for the winter also bothers me. We were given the use of the world as long as we remain as good stewards of those under our care.

Something so simple, so easy and so worthwhile--take bread: feed birds. May you always be zocheh to mitzvos.

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Anonymous said...

Just a little warning tho. Not everything that comes to eat from those crumbs is going to be a bird. We put a tin on the ground and noticed from the window a grey creature with a long tail and pointy ears having breakfast. If you are feeding birds, put the food up high where they can fly to get it and nothing else can.