Friday, December 28, 2007

Mother Goosed: The Tale of HindaElla--Part XI

In the far corner of the room the Prince and HindaElla each reacted to Mrs. Gottenmuter's showing of the shoes. HindElla turned sickly pale; the Prince got greener.

HindaElla was having to face facts; she might not have wanted to commit to anything but this was "her" Prince and someone else was muscling in on her territory. How dare Mrs. Gottenmuter! And here HindaElla had thought of her as a friend. The more she thought about it, the angrier she became. No one, but no one was going to take her Prince away from her without a fight! She was building up a full head of steam and her eyes glared rapier-sharp. Woe betide anyone who would get in her way. She was going to get her Prince back! And then she deflated like a balloon stuck with a nail. She had gotten a glimpse of the Prince sitting next to her.

He was sitting dejectedly, his hands and head on his knees. If he was breathing, it was almost imperceptible. He did not so much as move a muscle when HindaElla leaned closer to see if he was okay. Hope died in HindaElla's eyes. Her shoulders drooped and her spirits fell.

Determinedly, she pushed herself up from her chair and stood before the Prince. "Your Highness, allow me to wish you all happiness on your engagement to Mrs. Gottenmuter. You will, I know, excuse me if I leave now."

The Prince's head shot up. "You're leaving? You can't leave me here like this with them! Please, don't go."

HindaElla shook her head, sadly but definitely. She looked deeply into the Prince's eyes, but whatever she hoped to see was not there. All she she was grey despair. "I'm just one woman,Your Highness, even if I'm a strong one. Even a wonder woman sometimes get tired of fighting all the battles all by herself." She waited a beat and then another, but the Prince did not respond. HindaElla curtsied slowly and turned to leave.

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Anonymous said...

I wasn't going to read any of this because I don't like fairy tales. Yet here I am and would you please hurry up and post the rest because I want to know how this ends. And if you tell anyone I am reading this I will deny it.