Thursday, December 27, 2007

Mother Goosed: The Tale of HindaElla--Part VIII

The prince stared in real puzzlement at HindaElla: "The voice is the voice of my princess, but the hands and the rest..well they look like someone else. Still..."

While the prince stood lost in obviously puzzled thought HindaElla took the opportunity to look, really look at the prince. It was the first time that she had seen him in the clear light of day. The sparkling lights of the ballroom had blinded her to some things that now became evident. He hadn't grown any taller overnight but without her stiletto heels on she found herself looking up at him. And his eyes were a startling green! Actually, HindaElla mused, all of him seemed to be a startling green as his whole skin tone seemed to be taking on a faint green pallor. "Are you okay Your Highness?" HindaElla asked concernedly.

The Prince sighed. He had hoped she wouldn't notice. "I turn green whenever I have to talk about it," the Prince finally admitted.

"It?" HindaElla queried.

"Finding a princess," the Prince returned reluctantly. "It happens every darn time."

"You must find that very difficult Sir," HindaElla said soothingly.

The Prince gave a heartfelt sigh. "Yes, yes I do. It's not easy being green."

What HindaElla might have answered was lost as the Prince's coat seemed to come alive, undulating and writhing as if possessed by spirits. "Whoo boy, I totally forgot how much they hate being confined. Hang on." With this he unbuckled the deep pockets on his coat.

A battalion of frogs erupted from the pockets, leaping high to escape their confinement. Some landed on the Prince; most landed on HindaElla. They scrabbled up her long tresses, covering her head and blocking her vision.

"Where are you Prince?!" HindaElla called, with more than a little panic in her voice. "I can't see you!"

"Relax HindaElla. They like you. They're just giving you a little kiss of gratitude that they are free." "Funny," the Prince thought to himself. "I've never been jealous of a frog before."

At last the frogs became bored with kissing HindaElla and lept off her head. She was about to let loose with a scathing comment about morons who go looking for a wife with frogs in their pockets when she caught a glimpse of the Prince's face. There was more than a little yearning clearly etched on his it. HindaElla's wrath subsided immediately and she looked speculatively at the Prince. "I guess, Your Highness, I have to kiss a lot of frogs before I can find a Prince."

Just then the door to the house crashed open as the Queen strode imperiously into the room. "Just what is going on here?" she demanded in harsh tones.

To Be Continued

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Anonymous said...

As a mother to girls and boys, I can safely tell you that I am very much fairy godmother to my daughter-in-law's princess, rather than the evil queen. Not every boy's mother is rotten in the shidduch department. Having said that, I think this 'fairy tale' is great! Can't wait to find out what happens next.