Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Mother Goosed

Quite a while ago on a different blog a conversation was held about the dearth of opportunities for the publication of Jewish literary writing. In throwing around some ideas I came up with the notion of a reworking of the classic fairy tales, to be called Mother Goosed.

The purpose for the classical fairy tales and for the folk tales they are based on was moral instruction. Women in particular were to learn what was and what was not acceptable behavior. We are familiar with the stock characters, in particular the wicked step mother and the fairy godmother. But what if the fairy tales lied? What if the underlying reality was a lot different then the fairy tales wanted us to believe? What if the male viewpoint were skewed?

What follows is my take of what the classical fairy tale of Cinderella would have been like if it were written as life actually was like instead of how the male authors wanted it to be like.

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