Saturday, December 29, 2007

Mother Goosed: The Tale of HindaElla--Part XIV

Young girls, as young girls are wont to do, so often dream of that moment when their Prince will recognize them as their true heart's mate. And often the dreams have sweetly playing violins, and soft candle light. There are whispered words of endearment. And there are anxiously proffered rings, rings that sparkle in the candle light and send out a rainbow of color.

Most of the dreams don't have half the Kingdom crowded into your stepmother's parlor. They certainly don't have your step mother and your future mother in law in attendance, nor your future father in law either. They certainly didn't include a little green frog that was frantically whispering in her ear: "I could only do so much sweety. The rest you are going to have to handle. And good luck to you!"

HindaElla raised her sparkling eyes to the Prince's. "Yes, oh yes..." What else she might have said was lost as she saw bearing down upon them, arms linked, the Queen, Mrs. Gottenmuter and her step mother. Firmly HindaElla trod down the remainder of the steps and stood in front of the Prince, her arms crossed and a militant look in her eyes.

The trio stopped in front of HindaElla. The Queen led off. "We will of course need to discuss the wedding plans, I insist that the wedding be in the Castle." Mrs. Gottenmuter chimed in. "You will need at least 6 months until the wedding. No designer can turn out the proper dress in less time than that." Her step mother was next. "No, at least 8 months. There are the showers to be planned and all the household goods to be purchased." She shook her head. "Better make that 10 months."

HindaElla asked with feigned sweetness: "Are you done ladies? Because here is what is really going to happen." Behind her HindaElla could hear the Prince trying to breath. She half turned and noticed that he was getting patches of green here and there on his complexion again.

"We will be married two weeks from today. Two...weeks." HindaElla emphasized each word. "The Prince and I don't care about all the fol De rol that people have at weddings. Heaven help any of you who think we care about matching chair covers to the tablecloths!"

HindaElla looked pointedly at Mrs. Gottenmuter. "Off the rack is just fine for the dress. I don't give a rats..." The little frog hurriedly covered HindaElla's mouth with his leg. He whispered frantically in her ear. Nearby one person could swear he heard the frog mutter "They deserve each other. They really do!"

To her step mother she offered: "You and the girls go shopping. They'll love it and I sure won't." There was an excited look on her step sisters' faces and HindaElla knew she had done the right thing.

She reached behind her and tugged the Prince so that he was standing next to her. She noticed that his color had gotten better and he was staring in delight at his new bride to be. "While you all do whatever you have to do, the Prince and I are going for a walk." And with that HindaElla tugged her Prince towards the door. It was noticed that he followed quite willingly.

As they went through the doorway bits and pieces of their conversation wafted into the room. "I can't keep calling you Prince, Prince. What is your real name?" There was a pause and then was heard: "Oh come on, it can't be worse than HindaElla." And then "Ethelred the Unready? You have to be kidding." And then, "Um Prince, I think you can drop the Unready part."

And the three women beamed at each other and said in unison: "She'll do!"

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