Friday, December 28, 2007

Mother Goosed: The Tale of HindaElla--Part X

An eerie silence settled on the crowded room. No one could wrench their eyes away from the sight of the glass slippers twinkling on Mrs. Gottenmuter's feet. Suddenly, with a sob, the Queen threw herself upon the King's chest. "Do something!" she whispered fiercely. "This can't be happening! You have to talk to your son!"

The hapless King could only shake his head. "Now he's my son? " The King thought long and hard. "Maybe if I call a conference of my councilors and we discuss the possibilities?" he finally offered.

"Men," the Queen muttered to herself. "Action needs to be taken and they establish yet another government committee to study the problem." The Queen wrenched herself away from the King and began to pace the floor agitatedly. Her perambulations took her close to Mrs. Gottenmuter's side. With her hand covering her face she whispered soto voce to Mrs. Gottenmuter "Now what?"

Under cover of a small cough Mrs. Gottenmuter whispered back the same way. "Now we wait."

To Be Continued

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