Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Let the Flames Burn Safely

Chanukah is soon going to be here. We so look forward to the joy of this holiday. Let's make sure that joy is the only thing we get. Fire safety is a real concern when it comes to Chanukah. Many homes have not one but many menoras burning at one time. This year Chanukah comes out on two Shabbosim, so there will be the Shabbos candles twice in addition to the Chanukah candles. Some people use actual candles; others use oil. Either way, you have a possible tragedy in the making if you don't take proper care with your menoras. Nor is it only the menorahs that can present a fire danger. For this holiday a whole lot of people are going to be frying latkes or frying sufganiot. Hot oil is another Chanukah danger.

Want to know what to do to protect yourself? Go to the following links:








Malka said...

Some excellent advice at the links. Here's one that isn't mentioned and that sometimes happens. Don't cover a pan that has hot oil in it--the pan can overheat and blow up, spreading oil and flames all over. Learned that the hard way.

Allen said...

Our rav is concerned enough about all the fires and burns that happen every year that he mentioned in shul that the menoras do not have to go immediately by a window or on a ledge if that would put them in reach of any young children. He said that a sakonah overrides having the candles visible to the street.