Sunday, December 13, 2009

Leftover Heaven

I love having company in the house for many reasons. Last night we had my side over for Chanukah. First good reason for loving the company? The z'chus to see four generations at one table. Second good reason? Being able to catch up in person with what is going on in each other's lives. Third good reason? Watching the little ones go from arm to arm, from lap to lap and watching their unbridled fun and joy. And for me, as chief cook and bottle washer, there are the leftovers in the fridge and the cook aheads that went home with some of the guests. Anyone wanting to know what's for dinner tonight needs only to open the fridge and take their pick. It's my Chanukah present to myself: I don't have to cook again tonight.... Maybe.

We are getting together at 1:00 today with my hubby's side of the family and it will also be a milchig meal. A family member of mine made the point that eating lasagna three times in less than 24 hours has to be an Italian minhag, and s/he could swear we are Hungarian/Romanian/Czech. I may concede the point and make fleishigs tonight. But the family can place bets that tomorrow night will then be milchigs; having lasagna every other day does not contravene ethnic origin but does show good taste in dairy dishes.

So far Chanukah has turned out to be that joyous time I was looking for. And let's not discount that full fridge as one of the reasons for that joy. A happy Chanukah all!


Aviva said...

I'm with you on the leftovers. Course it was a little strange to get up this morning and find two of my grandkids snacking on fleishigs. I guess cold meatballs and latkes won't hurt them for breakfast occasionally.

Yes you are so right about the generations. We will be 5 generations today. My husband's grandmother is in her 90s and she's still the official latke maker.

Enjoy the rest of Chanukah.

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