Thursday, December 10, 2009

Entertaining the little ones

Some of you may be hosting get togethers over Chanukah for family and/or friends. If those get togethers include young children you may be heading to toy boxes or toy stores to get something to keep those kiddies entertained so that the adults can actually get in a word or two of conversation. Let me offer the following as one way to keep them happy and busy.

Whenever my youngish great nieces and nephews are expected as guests I put together arts and crafts folders to keep them occupied. I use brightly colored 2-pocket folders. The Internet is full of sites that have all kinds of pictures to be colored that are Chanukah themed. I found some pencil mazes appropriate for younger kids. I also found some pages with cut outs of dreidles and menorahs that can be made into rings or bracelets or hair ornaments. In addition, I got some really nice Chanukah stickers that they can use to decorate those pictures and the folders with. Party City also had dreidle shaped crayons and Chanukah decorated pencils and erasers.

For just a few dollars and a little time researching on the Net the little ones are going to be happy, and so will their parents be. I download way more pictures and activities then they will be able to do in just one sitting and then send the folders home with them so they can continue the fun in their own homes. Lots of artistic creations going to be possible to hang on refrigerators so parents and grandparents can kvell.


G6 said...

Great ideas!
As always :)

Leahle said...

Gee duh! I'm on the internet for everything else and didn't even think of it as a source for Chanukah art activities. Just downloaded a whole bunch of stories, songs and pictures to color. Thanks!