Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Some Figures to Ponder

It's such a shame that sarcasm does not translate well to the printed page.

I was searching for some reliable figures about enrollment in the yeshivas in the Nassau County/New York City area and came upon some data, links below. (I'm giving the two most recent years of figures in case you want to do any comparing.) Yes, the enrollment figures are interesting, but the figures happened to be on NY State reports on set asides under the No Child Left Behind Act. This is money that goes to the schools from the Federal Government and/or the State. There is, however, a specified purpose for the money. Under the Title II entries the money is intended for Teacher Professional Development and for Technology to aid in education.

The Title IV that is mentioned may be cited as the 'Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act'. Its purpose is to support programs that prevent violence in and around schools; that prevent the illegal use of alcohol, tobacco, and drugs; that involve parents and communities; and that are coordinated with related Federal, State, school, and community efforts and resources to foster a safe and drug-free learning environment that supports student academic achievement, through the provision of Federal assistance to —
(1) States for grants to local educational agencies and consortia of such agencies to establish, operate, and improve local programs of school drug and violence prevention and early intervention;
(2) States for grants to, and contracts with, community-based organizations and public and private entities for programs of drug and violence prevention and early intervention, including community-wide drug and violence prevention planning and organizing activities;
(3) States for development, training, technical assistance, and coordination activities; and
(4) public and private entities to provide technical assistance; conduct training, demonstrations, and evaluation; and to provide supplementary services and community-wide drug and violence prevention planning and organizing activities for the prevention of drug use and violence among students and youth.

I'm going to leave out any editorializing on my part. It was, however, quite instructive to see the figures listed for the set asides for the yeshivas. I was oh so pleased to see the huge number of yeshivas that are participating in Professional Teacher Development (that's for secular studies teachers), are getting the monies to help them with technology for student use, and are planning and offering activities for the prevention of drug abuse and violence.

Just a word of caution: The list is not in alphabetical order but the schools are grouped by location. Nassau County schools come first, followed by The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island. All the private schools in each geographic area are listed, religious and non-sectarian. It's a long list, and for most of the yeshivas elementary schools and high schools under one name are listed separately and not one right after the other. Have patience.



Set-Asides for Nonpublic Schools and Special Act School Districts in Nassau County and New York City (Bronx, Kings, New York, Queens and Richmond Counties) Gives the enrollment figures for each school.


Duvie said...

List is a real pain but it was useful. I now have it in black and white that the MO in the nyc area are waaaay outnumbered by the more right yeshivishe and chasidishe yeshiva students.

Give it a decade or so and MO is going to qualify for the endangered species list here in ny.

Scraps said...

This just grosses me out - I mean, is there a reason some of the "frummest" yeshivos and girls' schools in Brooklyn are taking more money for technology and "drug education" (yeah, riiiiight) than schools like Ramaz, who might actually use it?! It's outright milking the government for money that will never be used for its intended purpose. Does the government never do an audit of these things? I mean, seriously - some of these schools are receiving government money in the tens of thousands of dollars. (And mind you, that's before the lunch programs, etc.) I suppose they think nothing of stealing from the government, though - after all, they're "only goyim".

I'm disgusted.

Anonymously said...

Strange. I've had kids in a few of the yeshivas on the list and I sure don't remember any program on alcohol-substance abuse-violence being given. They sure didn't have the kind of technology for the kids that the mney listed should have paid for and I'd like to know what kind of professional training the teachers got for that kind of money.

Disgusting that the same places that teach midos to our kids don't seem to have any.

Rae said...

Maybe some of those yeshivas should consider honoring the government at the yearly school dinner. It seems to be a regular and large donor. And it doesn't even ask or check if the money is going where they wanted it to go.

Trudy said...

Define program for me. My nieces and nephews go to a day school that did have a program about substance abuse and violence. They had an assembly, one assembly, and a few posters in the back halls. No way that that assembly and the posters cost what they received. It's not just today's kids that have a feeling of entitlement--it's the schools too. They also have the gimmeee attitude.