Sunday, May 10, 2009

On Mothers Day

In the US today is Mothers Day. Retailers all over the country have been blessing whoever established this day. Across the country mothers have been proffered some rather strange breakfasts, depending on if their kids are old enough to use the stove by themselves or not. I remember a Mothers Day of the past when my kids, in the not-supposed-to-use-the-stove stage came to wake me up with a cup of coffee, made with lukewarm tap water. The things we mothers will drink to make our kids happy!

Yes, yes, I know, every day should be Mothers Day, and no, this is not a Jewish holiday. Of course, it's not a religious holiday altogether, but hey.

This morning, passing by my desk, my hubby wished me a happy Mothers Day (I sort of prompted his memory by telling him one of the kids had sent me a gift certificate to an online bookstore as a gift for the day) and hastened to add that he couldn't understand why HE should be wishing me happy Mothers Day when I am not his mother. He could understand the children giving me the greeting but it isn't logical for husbands to say this. Then he added this: "I mean, for you to get a greeting that would make sense from me, there should be Wives Day."

Out of the mouth of babes. I'm going to check some of those calendar sites to see if anyone else had my husband's idea, but if not, I'm going to establish an official Wives Day in the K household. And of course there will also be an official Husbands Day. Yes, every day should be Wives Day, but are there really any wives out there who would object to one day out of the year when husbands were extra solicitous, extra thankful, extra careful to say "I treasure you"?

But since all we have right now is Mothers Day, then let me wish all the mothers out there a day just like you want it to be, filled with the things you want to be there.


SubWife said...

I don't mean to cause you marital discord, but I don't understand your husband's reasoning. You are a Mother, not to mention the mother of his children. it's not called "your mother's day", it's called Mother's day. So any mother deserves a congratulation from anyone, neighbors, children, and husbands are included.

BTW, there's an international woman's day, on march 8. If you don't agree with my logic, you can make it your Wives' Day.

ProfK said...

When this day first came into being there was a machlokes of sorts as to how to define who was meant by "mother." A number of people fall into my husband's camp, that Mothers Day is for honoring your own mother. Others feel that it is motherhood in general that should be honored today, so anyone can and should greet any mother with "Happy Mothers Day." Frankly, I'd get far more bent out of shape if my kids didn't remember the day then I do if my hubby doesn't choose to make a big deal out of it.

Apparently the floral industry observes November 3 as Wives Day. I think I prefer the Japanese version, a relatively new day of observance, where they call it "Beloved Wives Day"--February 6 I believe.

Anonymous said...

I agree with SubWife...if you are the mother of your husband's children, you deserve a little something extra. It is a nice "American" custom.
My married children took me out for breakfast today and I told my 3 year old granddaughter to say "Happy Mother's Day" to everyone as we weaved through the tables together. And everyone nicely answered back "Happy Mother's Day to you too.