Thursday, May 7, 2009

An MTA Hike? A Past View

New Yorkers are facing, for a change, a hike by the MTA--Metropolitan Transit Authority. The Verrazano Bridge to Staten Island is going to be raised to $13. Subway and bus fares are going to go up. A Boomer's group of long ago had a hit song about a different M.T.A--the Massachusetts Transit Authority--but the sentiment could fit us to a tee. I'm predicting that I'm not the only one who is digging up this golden oldie.
Who knows, we might yet hear it sung with a change from Boston to NYC.

You might need just a little info about past transit policies, in MA as well as in NY. To get to some places in NY you not only had to pay a fare to get on the subway, but you had to pay an additional fare to get out of the subway station. Far Rockaway was such a two-fare zone. This policy existed in Boston as well. Now imagine what might have happened if you didn't have the money to get out of the subway station.

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