Sunday, May 24, 2009

Let It Rain, Let It Pour

The weather men are predicting pouring rain for the NYC area today. They are right, but not quite in the way they might have originally meant.

Woke up to the news that my niece was delivered of a healthy baby girl. May the parents be zocheh to see much nachas from her, and the same for my sister, the proud babi, and my mom, on her fourth great-grand child. Mazel Tov to the new mom, who graduated college this past Thursday. And while it's pouring simcha in our family, mazel tov to my sister and my second niece on said niece's college graduation this evening.

A friend called today to announce the birth of a granddaughter, and another friend confided when I met her in the market that two of her kids are expecting--due dates are within eleven days of each other. My cousin flew to Israel for a triple dose of simcha: a bris by his daughter, Shavuous, and then the upsherin of the same daughter's youngest son. He'll then fly back to the States to catch the due arrival of his other daughter's child.

If it's going to pour, then by all means let it pour simcha by yidden.


G6 said...

May you be zoche to experience many more simchas in good health.
Mazal Tov!

Lion of Zion said...

ken yirbu!

Anonymous said...