Monday, January 19, 2009

A Snow Snit

I usually love the view out the sliding doors in my office. I get a full view of our yard and the woods behind it. So, it is now snowing, for the third time today. I suppose I could wax lyrical about the pristine blanket of snow that covers the yard. And yes, the trees in the woods, barren of leaves for some time now, wear a lacy white cover that softens their winter harshness. The man-made elements in the yard blend together with the greenery, all united by the mantle of white they wear. Yup, there's a new look to the yard as it preens, decked out in its winter finery. BUT..........

I discovered long ago that I am so not a snow person. Oh, I like looking at it from the comfort of a heated room, but the problem comes when I have to leave that warm cocoon and venture outside. Where snow is then shovels are not far behind. I'm afraid I see nothing romantic in the sore muscles that come with shoveling. What looks so pretty from inside can be treacherous when you have to walk on it or drive on it. Do I really want to have to clean off my car for the third time today? Why even bother--they are saying more snow for later on today. The snow has made a mess out of more than just the outside; it has loused up my carefully crafted schedule of what to do today. It's only Monday afternoon and thanks to Mother Nature I'm already behind on the week.

I'm watching my neighbor's kids playing in the back yard. One of them is laying down in the snow making snow angels. Another is lobbing snowballs at the basketball hoop. I can admire their joi de vivre without having the least inclination to go out there and join them. I'm afraid I'm long past the time of thinking that frozen toes, fingers and ears are a small price to pay for playing in the snow.

Safely ensconced in the house, my hands around a steaming mug of coffee, I am wondering just when snow became something to grouse about, to get in a snit about. In the far recesses of my mind I'm sure there are some pleasurable memories of snow, somewhere. Perhaps my view changed around the time when snow no longer meant a day off from school. Perhaps it changed when I joined that group, like the postal workers who deliver the mail, whose mantra, of necessity, has come to be "neither rain nor sleet nor snow shall keep us from our appointed rounds."

Yes, if I see a picture of snow-covered mountains in all their glory I can swoon at the beautiful picture they make. Just please, let me view that beauty from afar. It's only January and any "snow pleasure" has worn very thin.

Note: As long as I'm ranting let me include the weather forecasters who are still saying "not enough snow to measure an accumulation." Perhaps they should just look out of their windows. Our accumulation here in SI is already at about two inches. How much do they pay these people?!


Anonymous said...

I haven't listened to the weather people since they said it was going to rain, snow, and hail the whole Shabbos. I ran around looking for a stroller rain cover because we were going out for both meals. It hailed for 10 minutes Shabbos afternoon.

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. I think my change of mind about the snow came when we bought the house last year. Now that the snow shoveling is my job I don't think of the snow as fun anymore.

Anonymous said...

Snow? What's that? Greetings from sunny California. Yet another reason not to live in NY.

G6 said...

I too have reached the age of grumbling about the snow.
My solution?
Go out AT NIGHT when the snow is STILL FALLING. If that doesn't remind you of everything beautiful about the snow, nothing will.
(of course the next morning, with the slush and salt and yuck....grumble grumble grumble...)